Connecticut Warbler at Deli Fields!

I birded the Bashakill this morning. While it continues to be relatively quiet, I had some nice birds.  Without a doubt, a juvenile CONNECTICUT WARBLER along the road in the Deli Fields was by far the bird of the day.  I had almost no warblers this morning, but had just seen two Common Yellowthroats.  When I saw the movement in the undergrowth at the base of a small tree, I assumed it would be another Yellowthroat. I put my bins up to the spot, and the bird hopped up on the lowest branch in full sunlight. It was in the same plumage as the bird I found two weeks ago.  This was perhaps the longest, best look I have ever had of this species!  Just as I put the bins down to bring up my camera, the bird hopped into the Virginia Creeper on the tree.  I could still see it, but couldn’t get a shot. I waited, hoping it would come out on a branch on the left side of the tree and give me a chance at a shot there.  It did, but didn’t even stay put for a second before flying off into the field along a hedge row of wild Cherry Trees. I don’t know if this could be the same bird as previously seen, but it was in the same plumage. Other than that, sparrows were the main family of the day. White-throated, Song, Swamp, Lincoln’s (one at boat launch), and Eastern Towhees were all seen.  A Great Egret out from the Main Boat Launch was my first this week. Not a bad morning!

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