Morningside Park


I kayaked the lake again this morning, and once again had a few shorebirds.  I was trying to photograph a Red-shouldered Hawk when I heard a plover call.  I looked across the nearby islands and saw it land on the far island.  I wasn’t sure which one it was and paddled right over.  It was a very pale, large juvenile bird and I thought it was a BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER! It took a few minutes and a bit better look to see its black arm pits and large bill. This is our fourth BBPL this year! It is never common in Sullivan County. As I finished getting  a number of photos, I spotted a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER!  Another juvenile bird, what would be expected at this time of year. As I turned to another island, my pal the Merlin flew through.  I followed him to his perch where he posed for the daily photo.  Great Blue Herons, Green Herons and Wood Ducks were about it for the rest of the morning. Karen Miller joined me on shore and got to see the birds as well.  We made our way to the Bashakill shortly there after, but it was quiet.  Yesterday’s Northern Harrier was about it.


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2 Responses to Morningside Park

  1. Kathleen Ashman says:

    Two very beautiful birds….and not one Merlin to harass them! Sounds like a wonderful morning!

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