Fabulous Day for shorebirds: Orange and Sullivan Counties!

This morning the torrential rain began to abate around 10:30 am so I headed up to Morningside Park.  There was a decent fallout of shorebirds there and I drifted among the islands for two hours photographing the birds. Here’s a list of what I had:

Semipalmated Sandpiper – 10

Lesser Yellowlegs – 5

Least Sandpiper – 5

Solitary Sandpiper – 1



Three of the five American Golden-plover found by Jim Schlickenrider today!

As I was finishing up, it began to pour again.  Just then I got a text from Rob Stone that he had found a Stilt Sandpiper on Turtle Bay Road.  I notified Karen Miller and we zoomed down with hopes of seeing the bird.  Unfortunately, before we arrived, the bird took off.  Still stoked, we birded the area.  Rob then found some BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS! We made it over in time for me to find them.  Again, almost immediately they took off.  Onward!  We all returned to Turtle Bay, hoping the birds had shown up there. Rob spotted a sandpiper in the field and we were all pleased to see a BAIRD’S SANDPIPER!  We all split up (we had met Linda Scrima by now) and covered different areas to maximize our efforts. I wasn’t making out to well, having only found an additional pair of PECTORAL SANDPIPERS at the Camel Farm.  Just then, Karen notified me that my old friend Jim Schlickenrider had found 5 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER near the Golf Course. I zoomed over and joined him.  The plovers remained only about five more minutes and took off as more shorebirds flew in. This time the group included 3 Greater Yellowlegs and 5 WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPERS !  Once again, they remained no more than five minutes before they took off.  I eventually headed  back to the sod farm, but had nothing new. I headed back to Sullivan County, having seen a dozen species of shorebirds for the day!


I have to post a shot of the Sanderling each day that it remains!

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