Sanderling Continues!

IMG_8017 (2)

I returned to Morningside this afternoon at 3:30 pm. I wanted to let some people interested in this bird know if it continued.  It did and showed very well.  There was a slight difference in shorebirds this afternoon.  Three each of Semipalmated and Least Sandpipers were present as well as one Killdeer.  I fortunately did not see the Merlin this afternoon.  I notified the people who had expressed an interest and Lance Verderame was able to come to see the bird while I was there.  At one point, the bird flew from another island and landed just about ten feet from me.  As Lance watched, the bird ran right up to me, only three feet away and looked right into my eyes. I haven’t had this type of experience anywhere but here.  Hopefully with continued good winds overnight, more birds will come in and be seen tomorrow!

IMG_8034 (2)

I liked this shot, but wished it hadn’t been cut off.


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4 Responses to Sanderling Continues!

  1. Jim Schlickenrieder says:

    Hi John…Congrats on your Sanderling! Co-incidentally we too have had a rare inland Sanderling for the past 2 days. This spot is a flood plain for the Passaic River, and is in Wayne, NJ.
    That’s one part of why I like reading your blog of Sullivan, to see the similarities of what’s also happening in my area that is 75 miles south !

  2. Karen C Miller says:

    I like your first shot on this post, John. Really nice!!

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