Morningside Park


Morningside always seems to be the easiest place for me to get decent shots of Green Herons.

By far the latest start I’ve ever had, I kayaked Morningside Park for the first time this season. The islands have taken their time to come up this year, probably due to cooler temperatures again this summer.  That said, I had my FOS shorebirds there this morning. (I’ve been checking the islands from shore until now). It was a very pleasant morning on the lake.  Great Blue and Green Herons were all around.  Swallows, kingbirds, blackbirds and sparrows were all plentiful. The only warblers of the day were several Yellow Warblers. An adult an juvenile Broad-winged Hawk soared overhead.  Waterfowl included Black Ducks, Wood Ducks and Canada Geese.  The Shorebirds were limited to six Least Sandpipers and a single Spotted Sandpiper.  Interestingly, most of the sandpipers were juveniles.  Only two of the Least’s were adults.  A male Belted Kingfisher was quite entertaining as well.


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2 Responses to Morningside Park

  1. Good to hear you are getting some shorebirds out there, John. I will definitely get out there one day soon; it’s the best spot in the area for shorebirds in my opinion.

  2. I will definitely keep you posted!

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