Snowy Egret!


This afternoon I got a call from Matt Zeitler informing me there had been an ebird report today by Kevin McGann (nice birder from way upstate) that he had had a Snowy Egret at the Citgo Pond at Six and a half Station Road.  Matt was on his way and would let me know how he made out. I was way out on a trail at the Bashakill, but decided to start making my way back just in case. I had reached my car and was heading for Rt. 17 when I heard from Matt that there was indeed a Snowy Egret there. I zoomed down to join Matt and Linda Scrima who were viewing the bird.  We were eventually joined by many others for one of those great gatherings at an even greater bird!  Thanks Matt for letting me know about the bird, Orange County bird # 267 for me!  Great birding!!


The top photo shows Karen Miller, Linda Scrima, Paula Baldinger and Matt Zeitler viewing this great bird, a new county bird for all present today! The bottom  is one of my shots of the bird.


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One Response to Snowy Egret!

  1. It was an excellent afternoon of birding, John! And, nice to see you (and everyone else) pick up a new bird for OC.

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