White Ibis Follow Up

This evening I heard from many of my birding friends (Curt, Matt, Karen etc.) that the White Ibis had returned to Wickham Lake in Warwick to roost for the night. Eddie and I zoomed down and met Kathy Ashman and Bruce Nott.  We all began the search for the birds which we had heard had flown from the original roost spot. About twenty minutes into the search, keen eyed Kathy Ashman spotted the birds roosting in a tree at the west end of the lake.  Fortunately, she was able to get all of us on them, giving us decent scope views of the birds. Photos were another story. With dark skies due to a pending storm and fading light due to the hour, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get anything to show in my shots. Well that’s about what it amounts to, but at least you can see there are birds there. Many thanks to Kathy for relocating the birds and getting us on them! Great to see Bruce out there too!!! Thanks to all for all the calls and keeping me posted on the birds! Thanks to Linda Scrima for braving the storm to check for the birds!

IMG_6646 (2)

Photos don’t get much worse than this, but it does show the Ibis’ roosting in the Maple.

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