Orange County is the happening place!


IMG_6557 (2)

The last week has seen an uptake of in interesting finds, especially the Black Dirt Region.  As is often the case, Rob Stone has played an integral part in most of the finds.  Last week. Rob found an immature singing male BLUE GROSBEAK!  When I went to try to find it, I also found a female BLGR, a bird that Rob had suspected was there.  This weekend, several days following an ebird report of WHITE IBIS, Rob found the five birds roosting at Wickham Lake Park in Warwick! I wasn’t able to get down to try for them last night, but I went this morning.  I arrived at the park at 5:30 am, but was unable to locate any of the birds. Fortunately, many people had gone right over last night and the birds were seen and well documented.  After leaving the park, I went back to bird the Black Dirt to see if I could find the Grosbeaks again. I  met Karen Miller there.  We couldn’t find either of the Grosbeaks I viewed last week, but found yet another male Blue Grosbeak. This bird is in entirely different plumage than last weeks male.  One has a blue head the other brown. One has a steel gray belly, the other so pale as to almost appear white. I found the second bird in the exact spot I had the female last week, so hopefully one combination or the other is paired up. Also of interest was a singing male GRASSHOPPER SPARROW and a singing male ORCHARD ORIOLE.  Good birding!

IMG_6634 (2)

The second male I found today. Notice the differences in the birds.

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