A Nice Morning


This morning I made a quick trip along the Neversink River at Bridgeville. It wasn’t very birdy, but two beautiful White-tailed Bucks in velvet entertained me for a while. There have been so many deer along the river this spring/summer. I couldn’t resist getting a couple of shots of them. I then went on to meet Karen Miller and Scott Baldinger at the Bashakill. We had an enjoyable morning there.  The highlight was listening (though still unable to spot any) to the Marsh Wrens sing at the colony off the Observation Tower at Moose Head Cove. We had at least three singing males there this morning, and possibly more. What a benefit it will be to all of us if a colony has indeed established here! The other highlight was the family of Common Gallinule along Haven Road.  The birds are almost always in the vicinity of the there and can easily be seen with a little patience. From there, we traveled to Thorton Road in Phillipsport to see the Snow Goose that is oversummering there. The bird can fly, but there is something is not quite right with its left wing. Hopefully it will regain complete use of it and eventually move on. Also at this spot we enjoyed a family of Belted Kingfishers.  Both parents and three juvies were seen fishing at both the ponds on this road. It was nice to be out with Scott and Karen again, with everything so quiet recently, we hadn’t been out birding together.


Two of the Gallinule chicks off the bridge at Haven Road.

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