Relatively quiet

The last week has been relatively quiet in the county. The most interesting occurrence took place on Monday when Scott Baldinger found a singing Marsh Wren in the vast cattail marsh off the observation tower at Moose Head Cove at the Bashakill. I went down to see if I could repeat it and found that at least two birds were singing. Moose Head Cove is not a big birding destination and I only occasionally visit there once waterfowl migration is over. I hadn’t been in quite some time. I think Scott has discovered that there’s a good chance a small colony of Marsh Wrens have taken up residence in this spot. It is ideal habitat for them. I returned the following day and found two birds still singing. Since it is so late in the season, we will have to wait until next spring to know for sure if they return. On the Neversink River, the single Hooded Merganser chick is still being seen, but its tripled in size since I first saw it. There is also a new clutch of Common Merganser chicks at Bridgeville, they have done really well this year. I also checked the Osprey nests earlier this week. The Wolf Brook pair has at least one chick, as does the Kiamesha Lake pair. Still not sure how many the Apollo pair has as the nest is so deep that they hardly show. Hopefully there will be some new activity around the county soon.¬† I have gotten a new computer (eeeeeesh) and its been an experience. Getting things installed and transferring information (double eeeeesh!) At any rate hopefully I’ll get out to bird a bit more and have something of more interest to share in the coming days.


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