Things are amping up a bit.

The Great Egret found by Scott Baldinger this morning.

After a late night at Forestburgh Theater last night, I had no plans for today. Just relaxing on the deck. Mid morning, I got a text from Scott Baldinger informing me he had found a GREAT EGRET out from the observation tower at the Pine Boat Launch. I had to head down to see it. I found it easily and got a couple of distant shots. This is my first post breeding dispersal bird of the season. Thanks Scott! I decided that since I was out, I would make one round of the Bashakill to start the list off for the second week of the month. It was rather productive and I was glad to be out. I added a couple of Acadian Flycatchers which have really increased at the Bashakill the last couple of years. I eventually ended up at the Deli Fields and to my surprise, found a Black-billed Cuckoo! I have only had two previously this year, and both were heard only. As I walked the road at the fields, I saw a good size bird flying across the fields toward me. I realized it was a cuckoo as it neared. It landed in the tree right above me and I moved around to get a better look. It was indeed a Black-billed Cuckoo! It stayed put for a couple of minutes, calling one series of calls and posing for a couple of shots before it flew off across the next fields. Cuckoos in general have been in short supply this year. There were almost no Tent Catapillars and (thankfully) no Gypsy Moths this year, so cuckoos passed by us for the most part. Once done there, I headed to Apollo Plaza. I had had seven Least Sandpipers there yesterday, but found only Killdeer there today. A good morning for not planning on going out.

The Black-billed Cuckoo at the Deli Fields!

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