Orange County Forster’s Tern

Just yesterday Arlene Borko and I were discussing our first Forster’s Tern in Sullivan County. It was found on the Fourth of July by Lance Verderame a number of years back. We have had others since then. Coincidentally, I was just getting home last evening when I heard from Linda Scrima that she had found a Forster’s Tern at Liberty Loop in the Wallkill NWR. Unfortunately, I was able to make it down, but a number of others were. Matt Zeitler and Rob Stone among them! Great find for Linda and a great new county bird for all who got to see it! Summer is the best time for vagrant Forster’s Terns in our area and hopefully there are more to come! You can see a photo of the bird on Matt’s blog at

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2 Responses to Orange County Forster’s Tern

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks, John, for helping to confirm that it was a Forster’s Tern!

  2. Great find! Congrats again!

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