Sullivan County Grasslands

Eastern Meadowlark on Gabel Road.

As you can tell from my recent silence, there has just been nothing happening. The Summer Doldrums are in full swing. That said, I decided to head to the grasslands up county this morning to once again try to find a Dickcissel. There has been a major influx of this species to the northeast this year and I was hopeful of finding one today. It didn’t happen. I did have a great morning with an abundance of birds. Here is a list of the highlights:

Red-tailed Hawk – 2
American Kestrel – 9
Killdeer – 7
Eastern Kingbird – 8
Eastern Bluebird – 4
Brown Thrasher- 4
Field Sparrow – 5
Savannah Sparrow – 17
Bobolink – 60
Red-winged Blackbird – 100
Eastern Meadowlark – 9

It was a great morning. The non-avian highlight of the morning was a beautiful GRAY FOX hunting the fields!

A beautiful Gray Fox on Bauernfeind Road.

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