Delaware County

This morning I spent the morning birding with Lance Verderame in Delaware County. Lance knows the county well and he was helping me increase my county list. We had a great time! I managed to add a dozen new birds for that county, including my FOS MOURNING WARBLER, and a nice assortment of other warblers including Hooded, Cerulean and Prairie. It was nice to see that Delaware has the same booming population of Common Mergansers that Sullivan County does. We had five adult female COME on the river and two clutches of chicks, one numbering 30 birds and the other 8. Another first for me there came in the form of a half grown RUFFED GROUSE! Lance also showed me a section of hillside along the river where CANADA WARBLER were abundant. I had never seen Canada Warbler in this type of habitat before. There was a steep rock face with mixed firs and deciduous trees uphill and some kind of dense roses along the road. Across the road, along the river were sumac. The birds were plentiful on both sides of the road here. All in all we had great morning and some nice looks at the breeding birds of Delaware County! Thanks Lance!

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