Another great morning on the Neversink River!

Can you guess how many Common Merganser chicks are on that rock? For the answer, scroll to the bottom of the post!

This morning I headed back to the Neversink River to try to confirm as many breeding species as possible. It was a very productive, enjoyable morning with almost all birds now feeding young or having recently fledged young. As usual my targets for the area were the Mergansers, Kingfisher and Spotted Sandpiper. My first discovery this morning was along a forested stretch just east of the Bridge near Holiday Mountain. I stopped to peer through an opening in the dense foliage along the river to see if I could spot anything. At first I saw nothing, but just as I was about to go on, something popped up onto a raft of floating debris stuck on some branches. I was quite pleased to find it was a HOODED MERGANSER chick! It rested on the debris while I took a few photos. I moved down the river a bit to try to get a better view of the area and see if there were additional birds, but couldn’t see well so I returned to the spot, but the chick was gone. I continued along, making my way to the next good stretch, from Gray’s Road Bridge north along the river. Here there were many birds! First I found a pair of BELTED KINGFISHER’S with a recently fledged chick. The chick (a female) sat on the wires near the bridge, but then moved to a nearby branch. This one was a real show stealer! Moving on, I found a pair of Eastern Kingbirds on a nest. Further up, I came to a group of Common Mergansers. There was a large group of chicks on a rock and a total of four adult females nearby. Only one female associated with the chicks and the others moved on. I don’t think the chicks were all really hers, but probably a combination of hers and others that she has assumed ownership of. It was a really fun morning with lots of good birds to see!

This female Belted Kingfisher chick was the show stopper of the day. So neat!

This adorable Hooded Merganser chick seemed to be all by itself, but I had such a narrow window to the river here, I’m sure mom and sibs had to be nearby.

And the answer is……TWENTY FIVE!

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2 Responses to Another great morning on the Neversink River!

  1. Maryangela says:

    That kingfisher chick! Fantastic!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!

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