Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area

One of the Prairie Warblers enters the nest with some insects. One of the chicks heads can be seen in the opening in the Laurel flowers.

This morning I took my annual June walk through Wolf Brook and into the Neversink Gorge as far as the falls on Mullet Brook. As always, this was a great walk and a perfect morning with cool temps and no humidity. There were a number of highlights this morning. Fourteen species of warbler put on the best show. Other birds of interest included Indigo Bunting, American Goldfinch, Veery, Wood Thrush, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Scarlet Tanager. One of the nicest highlights was finding a PRAIRIE WARBLER nest! The pair of birds came and went from the nest all morning, as evidenced each time I passed. Liz Martens was able to join me to view it for a time. I got some half way decent shots of the activity. Also nice to see was the Osprey at its nest feeding at least one chick. We know we have three active nests this year, the fourth’s location is unknown. The falls on Mullet Brook were flowing beautifully and Canada Warblers singing all around it made it even nicer! Also, the Mountain Laurel is in full bloom right now! Great morning!

A beautiful, tranquil spot, the falls at Mullet Brook.

One of half a dozen male Canada Warblers seen this morning.

If you look closely, (enlarge it) you’ll see one of the Prairie Warbler chicks in this shot.

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