And the day gets better!

The Black Bear near the cabin at the Pine Boat Launch.

This afternoon I had a great visit to the Bashakill! Not only did I have some great birds, but I finally got to see my first BLACK BEAR of the year! I drove into the drive to the Pine Boat Launch around 3:30 this afternoon. I always stop on the hill by the cabin to see what might be there. I stepped away from my car and immediately heard something in the gully (the cabin sits on a steep ridge) on the left of the ridge. I looked up the gully to see something black just out of view, but moving my way. I stepped right back to my car, got out my camera and waited. The bear worked its way through the gully right in my direction. Unfortunately, just before coming into view, it moved behind a row of trees and bushes. I got a number of photos from my spot, but none really good. When the bear moved behind a couple of large trees, I moved a few steps to my left. The bear came out from behind the trees and I got a couple of shots. They aren’t great, but they’ll do. I estimate this bear to be about 300 lbs.! I usually see younger bears in the 100 to 150 lb. range, but this one was larger by far. At that point, the bear realized I was there and took off back in the direction it came. This was a great experience of me! I met Karen Miller on Haven Road shortly after that and I had some good birds, 5 Common Gallinule, 2 American Bittern and an American Woodcock I flushed from the trail, but nothing as exciting as the bear!

The only other half way decent shot of the bear.

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2 Responses to And the day gets better!

  1. Nice to see you got your bear, John. And a huge one too, that must have been super exciting.

  2. Thanks Matt! It was a beauty! He wasn’t quite as cooperative as yours for photos, but I’m glad I got some shots anyway.

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