Road Trip!

Today, Ed VanBuren and I took the long trip west to the state of Michigan! It took us twelve hours, but was an easy trek. We arrived in Grayling, Michigan at 5:30 pm to check into the “Woodland Motel”. We got a nice spacious efficiency for four days. We then headed to Hartwick Pines State Park to check out the visitors center. I will be meeting a group there in the morning to go out for my lifer Kirtland’s Warbler. As of tomorrow, you can read about my trip by choosing “Michigan” in the index at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy!

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One Response to Road Trip!

  1. Gordon says:

    Just finished reading your Michigan trip postings. Sounds like a great trip and glad you got the Kirtlands and quite a few of your target birds. And mega kudos to Eddie for being a real trooper!

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