A great day for waders!

The Cattle Egret on Bates Lane at Blue Chip Farms.

Karen Miller and I birded the Bashakill this morning and were fortunate to have a calling LEAST BITTERN off the Birch Trail about 100 yards down from the Main Boat Launch. The bird was well out in the marsh, but easily heard. Then this afternoon, Ken McDermott called to inform me that Clay Spencer had found a CATTLE EGRET at Blue Chip Farms in Ulster County. I zoomed down, but the bird had disappeared. We all fanned out to search the area. When Karen Miller arrived at the initial spot, she found the bird coming out of the tall, dense grasses in the field. Apparently, it had never flown, just stepped into the grass, not to be found for some time. It was a great spotting for Karen, who alerted us all that it was back in the original spot. Unfortunately, it was now pouring rain. We managed some shots of the bird, but the rain was really coming down. Mark DeDea informed me that it has been well over twenty years since a Cattle Egret has been found in Ulster County! BTW, tomorrow I am back on the road again! I will keep you posted!

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