A few shorebirds

Four of the five Semipalmated Plovers at the Apollo today.

I spent most of this rainy day indoors. By late afternoon had just had to get out. Where to go when its been pouring like this all day? I headed to Apollo Plaza, hoping for some shorebirds. There weren’t a great many, but I did get a new one for the year. I always enjoy seeing SEMIPALMATED PLOVER and that’s just what I found. Along with three Killdeer and one Least Sandpiper were five of the little plovers. Not a sure thing in the spring, most of our plovers are in the fall. We’re having a pretty good plover year overall with the Killdeer and Black-bellied Plovers having already been seen. From the Apollo I went to the Bashakill briefly where I found two Common Gallinule and an American Bittern along Haven Road.

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