Bashakill, migration picked up!

The Barred Owl at the parking lot has become almost a mascot!

This morning there was an uptake in migrants. I managed 13 species of warbler, up from 10 yesterday. While there was an increase, it was very species specific. I had 9 Blackpolls, 8 Magnolias and 6 Canada Warblers. All else were breeding species. The Barred Owl at the Stop Sign Parking Area has become a mascot! For the third time this week, I didn’t even know it was around and it flew right in to greet me! I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t the activity of the Chipmunks I’m stirring up that causes the same thing to happen repeatedly. At any rate, the owl doesn’t mind seeing me, in fact after a second or two of checking me out, he just starts looking for a tasty morsel to grab. I walk all around and he does even seem to notice. I notice that many species are already gearing up for a second clutch. Brown Thrashers, Northern Mockingbirds, Pine Warblers and Louisiana Waterthrush are all singing and showing well again after a couple of weeks of quiet. Another migrant I saw today was only my second Lincoln’s Sparrow of the year so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that more birds are coming as I’ve missed a couple of key species this spring. Mourning Warbler being one of them, is often a late migrant anyway.

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2 Responses to Bashakill, migration picked up!

  1. Gordon lam says:

    Great pic of the new mascot. I wish mine came out as well.

  2. Thanks, he’s been showing very well the last few days!

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