Shawangunk Grasslands!

The Dickcissel at the Shawangunk Grasslands this afternoon.

I wasn’t supposed to be birding today (yeah right) but I got a call from Ken McDermott this afternoon informing me that a Dickcissel had been found at the Shawangunk Grassland NWR. I had already passed on running for the Yellow-breasted Chat at Winding Waters, but Ken was quite convincing that I should head down for this easily seen bird. Thanks Ken for the nudge! I arrived to find quite a few birders there, including Ken and Curt. The bird came up almost immediately and I had great looks at it. I managed a few photos. While there, I had to enjoy the grasslands experience. Eastern Meadowlarks, Bobolink, Red-winged Blackbirds, Savannah Sparrows, Grasshopper Sparrows and more! It was a fun, quick trip down and I was glad I did it this afternoon as tomorrows forecast isn’t good (rain). A great, unexpected birding afternoon!

One of two Grasshopper Sparrows I saw at the grasslands this afternoon.

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