Gray-cheeked Thrush in my side yard. This is only the second time I’ve had this species here.

I have no real time to bird today, so I was pleased when I awoke to some signs of migration in my yard. Among the usual resident birds were a few migrants. First I heard Blackpoll Warblers singing, and some Red-eyed Vireos. The Great Crested Flycatcher chimed in and it just was too tempting. I started walking around my yard and property when I spotted a GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH in my driveway. I followed it around a bit, getting a few poor shots. My drive way has hemlocks lining it, so it is rather dark. As I followed it around, a second Gray-cheeked Thrush flew in from nowhere and landed by the first. Together, they flew up into my apple tree in my side yard. They only sat a minute, when they began fighting. After quite a tussle ending up back down in the yard, one of them flew off. Since they were identical, I’m not sure which one remained, but I continued to take photos. By the time I went in, the bird had been present of well over an hour, and still there. I see that besides the reports I’ve submitted over the last week, many more came in yesterday, so it is a good year for Gray-cheeks!

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