Another Amazing Day!

Male Orchard Oriole on McDonald Road.

This morning I was up early and at the Bashakill by 5:45 am. I was expecting another big movement of birds and that was what I found, most of yesterdays good birds had moved out! The only new add there this morning was an Alder Flycatcher along the Stop Sign Trail. After two hours of nothing new, I decided to head to McDonald Road to try for some targets there. I it worked out perfectly. Some birds I had missed due to their late arrival had come in. First I found a singing male ORCHARD ORIOLE near the warehouse. They breed at this location each year and the male at least is back. Further down the road, I found my FOS YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO! I was expecting Black-billed which is more common there, but Yellow-billed was just fine. I had spoken to Tom Burke earlier in the morning and he informed me that he and Gail were on their way to Sullivan and we’d keep each other posted of anything good. I ran into them on McDonald Road, and they also saw the Orchard Oriole. I called Scott Baldinger and Karen Miller to let them know and they came over. Ultimately we all got both birds. As we were watching the cuckoo, Tom called to let me know he had a singing PROTHONOTARY WARBLER on the Linear Park trail at the end of the road. We zoomed over and joined them. The bird sang and sang, but did not reveal itself. We waited it out an hour without a glimpse. Maybe it will continue at this spot and we’ll get to see it yet. From there, Karen and I headed to Apollo Plaza to try for shorebirds. 1 Solitary, 2 Killdeer, 14 Least Sandpipers and our FOS LESSER YELLOWLEGS were all seen. The pair of Osprey were at the nest too. Great morning! Thanks Tom and Gail for sharing the Prothonotary with all of us!

One of the Lesser Yellowlegs at the Apollo Plaza.

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