Sullivan County Big Day number two!

Male Scarlet Tanager on the Nature Trail

I had no plans for anything special today. I’ve been birding non-stop and decided to sleep in this morning, not getting up until 7 am. I made my way to the Bashakill, not arriving until 9 am. I had already had a good showing of birds in my yard, so I thought it might be a good day. While initially it didn’t seem particularly birdy, things started to fall into place. I almost immediately had a Virginia Rail, a bird we missed over the weekend. Then Swainson’s Thrush, Pied-billed Grebe, and the Eastern Screech-owl showed themselves! We missed all of those over the weekend. As the numbers built up, I was quite pleased with my results. When I stopped for lunch, I had seen 76 species! I decided that I would give a shot at 100 in the afternoon. I completed a circuit tour of the north eastern part of the county, taking the route I thought would be the most productive. As sometimes happens, I missed some birds I thought were sure things, and got some birds I didn’t expect. Highlights of the day for me were two FOS BLACKPOLL WARBLERS, Pine Siskins and a total of four BLACK VULTURES which I don’t often get to see. It was a great day, finally ending this evening with my last bird, American Woodcock, #102! They say we are going to have some major migratory movement over the next two days, lets hope!

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