New York City Linnean Society Field Trip

This morning I led the New York City Linnean Society Field Trip to the Bashakill. Eleven participants and myself covered all of the hot spots on Haven and South Roads. We had a pretty good day in spite of the fact that migration is all but completely stalled. In an unusual twist, we were able to get great views of several Common Gallinules today. They don’t normally get to see them and as many may know, they are tough to see at the Bashakill most of the time. Today, they were very cooperative. Also cooperative was a Barred Owl at the parking lot by the Stop Sign Trail. Though it sat several trees in off the lot, it moved several times allowing some good looks and several people got good photos (not me). We only managed twelve species of warbler, but the Cerulean show was pretty good, though they remained high in the trees. My discovery of a Yellow-throated Vireo nest occupied by a presumed female was also a show stopper. A foraging Porcupine in the trees at the Nature Trail was enjoyed by all, and a lifer mammal for a few. Baltimore Orioles and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks seemed to be everywhere as were the ubiquitous Veery’s. We ended the day having had 64 species and some good laughs and nice conversations! They are already planning on next years trip!

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2 Responses to New York City Linnean Society Field Trip

  1. Gordon lam says:

    Thanks for a great walk John. I think I speak for the whole group in saying we had a terrific time and look forward to our next trip to the Bash.

  2. Thanks Gordon! Its always great to see you and Lori and the entire group is fun to bird with! See you next time and hopefully long before that, John

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