An exciting day of birding!

The Black-bellied Plover at Morningside Park!

The day after our Break 100 Day isn’t usually more exciting than the Big Day itself. That said, today was exactly that. I was exhausted this morning, resting, when Scotty Baldinger called to inform me that he had found a breeding plumage BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER at Morningside Park! I zoomed right up, letting Karen Miller know as I was on my way. I immediately found the plover upon my arrival. This is an extreme rarity in the county in spring, in fact, this is only the second spring record! Karen arrived shortly thereafter and we enjoyed great scope views of the bird. While we watched the plover, Scotty called again to inform me that he had found 18 Evening Grosbeak at Sue Rayano’s feeders in Liberty! Karen and I zoomed right up to find six of the birds still feeding there. This was an exciting morning for all of us and some great birds to be added to the list of “Big Day” species. Also, they were both new county birds for Karen! Since I was out, I checked out a few more spots, but none would measure up to the two spots I had already birded. Thanks Scott for the great finds and the heads up!

One of the male Evening Grosbeaks at Sue Rayano’s feeders this morning.

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