Sullivan County Break 100 Day!

Today Arlene Borko, Karen Miller, Lance Verderame and I participated in this weekends “Big Day” for Sullivan County. It started out very cold (upper 30’s). The day seemed to start out well, with many of the expected species seen or heard early on. American Bittern, Eastern Whip-poor-will and American Woodcock were all found easily and early. Once the sun came up, the temps dropped further. We decided that our best bet was to go up county and check the water and grasslands for birds. It was a productive morning and we were glad we headed up county. On the Neversink River we found some new birds, including Common Mergansers and Belted Kingfisher. On to the lakes and reservoirs. We found a total of three Common Loon, five Double-crested Cormorants, two Ring-billed Gulls and two BONAPARTE’S GULLS! Shorebirds we found included the most expected species(Killdeer, Spotted and Solitary Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper and American Woodcock), but we were glad to find them all. Our warbler count for the day was modest at best with only 16 species seen. We did well in the grasslands of Delaware Township in the end, we had a good, fun day of birding. Meadowlark, Bobolink, Brown Thrasher, Savannah Sparrows and Kestrels were all seen. We had no real standout birds and our total was only 106 species. So many birds were missed due to the fact that they just aren’t in yet. It was still great fun, and maybe we’ll do better next year.

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