Another good day

This Cape May seems to have more white in the wings, but it could just be the difference in lighting.

I had a total of 70 species at the Bashakill this morning. I managed 17 species of warbler and most other regulars at this time. There are still a lot of birds that have yet to show ie. cuckoos, flycatchers etc. but it was still a good morning. Back at home, my oranges continue to draw Cape May Warblers. Here is the question, I thought it was the same bird that frequented the oranges yesterday (maybe it is) but when I compared all of todays photos with yesterdays photos, todays bird seems to have much more extensive white in the wings than either of yesterdays birds. I guess we’ll never know for sure. My only new warbler at the Bash today was a nice male WILSON’S WARBLER at the Nature Trail.

The male Wilson’s Warbler at the Nature Trail

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4 Responses to Another good day

  1. Truth Muller says:

    Fantastic Photo of the Cape May John! I’ve yet to see either bird. Do you think fresh oranges might coax one to stop by my Rock Hill feeder?

  2. Truth,
    I always advocate feeding oranges. My Catbirds, Sapsuckers, Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Baltimore Orioles all feed on them with relish. The Cape May was a bonus I couldn’t have imagined. It certainly can’t hurt to give it a try! Best, John

  3. Gordon & Lori says:

    Great cape may pics John. What a wonderful time you must have had. I hope there are some birds left when we get there this weekend.

  4. Thanks guys! Look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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