An amazing afternoon with a couple of Cape May Warblers!

This beautiful male Cape May Warbler fed on the oranges periodically throughout the afternoon!

This morning I headed to Laurel Grove Cemetery to try for the Summer Tanager that had been being seen there. I didn’t get it. I finally headed back to the Bashakill to see what was happening there. The Orchard was absolutely dead, so I decided to head home for lunch. I was resting after lunch when I got a call from Scotty Baldinger informing me that South Road and the Nature Trail were jumping. I decided to head right down. As I opened my door, a gorgeous CAPE MAY WARBLER flew in just feet from me in the small hedge around my lamp post. Amazing! It just sat there as I held my breath. This was a new yard bird for me! It eventually flew to my hemlock hedge and began feeding on insects. There was a massive hatch of insects in my yard and it was eating its fill. I was then even more amazed when a second male Cape May joined it. They eventually flew to my Lilac Bush and one of them began feeding on the oranges I have out for the birds. A second first, though many birds feed on the oranges, this was the first time a warbler has ever done so. I just walked around the yard, only feet from them snapping shots. This went on for twenty minutes before I went in to see what I had. I let Scott know about them, but he was out on the trails having a great time himself. I checked on the warblers periodically, finding that there were many more warblers. three Yellow-rumps, two Redstarts, a Black and White, a Black-throated Green and a Northern Parula! Birds came and went, but the Cape Mays stayed. Finally after an hour, I called Arlene Borko, filled her in and let her know they would probably fly off before she could get here. They never did and Arlene had great views of them! She also got the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and Northern Parula. Arlene finally departed, but the birds remained some time longer, eventually leaving after over two hours in my yard. These birds were completely confiding, allowing us to walk all around them. I have never had a warbler experience quite like this one. I never made it to the Bashakill!

I’ve never had a warbler feed on oranges before.

This Cape May spent most of its time in the hedges feeding on the masses of insects.

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2 Responses to An amazing afternoon with a couple of Cape May Warblers!

  1. Deb Kral says:

    Amazing, John!!!

  2. In deed it was Deb! I bet it never happens again!

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