This Past Weekend

The snow on the peaks in the northern part of the county were the “Frosting” on the cake of some inclement weather over the weekend.

This weekend was a busy one. On Saturday, I led the Bashakill Area Associations Annual Spring Migration Warbler Walk. The day started out with rain, but dried up fairly early, followed only by the occasional sprinkle. Twelve of us scoured the Bashakill for some sought after warblers. We had a good time in spite of the cool damp morning, and managed a modest 14 species of warbler. Orioles, Tanager and Grosbeaks all showed themselves and everyone was pleased by mornings end. On Sunday, I joined Lance Verderame and Carena Pooth who were leading the New York State Young Birders Club for their Bashakill Field Trip. Rain was definitely in our cards that morning and it was nice to see how much fun the young birders (and their parents) could have on a wet day. Their enthusiasm spread through them with each new find. As always, its nice to spend some time with their parents too! What a great group of people! In spite of the conditions, their group actually had more birds than we did on Saturday. This morning, I headed out on my own to see if there was anything new possible with our now really cold temps and northwest winds. I headed up county with temps in the mid thirties. Once I reached the Neversink Reservoir I realized I wasn’t going any farther north. From a rise just past the Sullivan County Community College I could see some of the northern peaks in the county. I was really surprised to see they were snow covered! I decided it wasn’t going to get any warmer so I’d better head to the southern parts of the county. I spent most the rest of the morning in the valley, and did fairly well. I had nearly eighty species by days end and some good birds even though I only saw 10 species of warbler the whole day. The weather is finally supposed to moderate and hopefully we can get some new birds that come in. I will be doing a “Big Day” in both Delaware and Sullivan Counties by weeks end. I’ll let you know how I make out!

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