An Interesting Day

The Common Tern is perched on the left side of the floatation console. Click on it for a slightly better look.

On a real roll from this past week, I didn’t feel like sitting still today in spite of the heavy rain and wind. I decided to check the water, though its starting to get late for waterfowl. Morningside Park had the first birds of note with a pair of Ruddy Ducks and a Lesser Scaup. A Double-crested Cormorant continued, left over from the dozen last week. Neversink Reservoir was the next good location. Two Double-crested Cormorant, eight Ring-billed Gulls and my second COMMON TERN of the year were all here. The tern initially loafed with the gulls, but was flushed by one of them. It flew around in the distance and I expected it to fly off. Instead, it came back and landed on the reservoir data console float. Hoping it would fly closer to me, I waited it out for half an hour. No luck, it never took off again, content to just sit out the pouring rain. I got a distant shot of it sitting on the float, but that was it. I decided to check more water, but had nothing anywhere else. I then headed to the grasslands in Beechwood to see how the birds were doing there. I missed a couple of things, undoubtedly due to the weather, but most birds were still quite active. Bobolink and Song Sparrows were everywhere! Savannah Sparrows, Eastern Kingbirds and Eastern Meadowlarks were slightly less common, but still a good showing. A flock of five AMERICAN PIPITS were feeding in a freshly plowed field. Not a bad day at for really nasty weather!

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