Hooded Warbler is my favorite warbler and I was happy to have my FOS at the Nature Trail this morning!

Following an early morning meeting, I arrived at the Bashakill around 9:30 am. I headed right over to the Nature Trail hoping for some movement. I hadn’t really expected much, but was once again blown away by the birds! The busiest area was from the cut off to the Long Path past the sand pit. The Long Path, east to where it opens to the kill again had an amazing array of birds. I had nearly 100 warblers during my two hour stay at this spot! Highlights included FOS CANADA WARBLER and HOODED WARBLER! Other highlights included 2 Cerulean Warlber, 2 Nashville Warbler, 2 Chestnut-sided, 3 Northern Parula and many Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Yellowthroat, Black and Whites, Ovenbird and Redstarts. A total of 16 species of warbler. I ran into Scotty Baldinger and he informed he that he had two Bay-breasted Warbler along the road there, but we couldn’t relocate them at the time. Orioles, Grosbeaks, Tanagers and four Vireo species rounded out a great morning with again nearly 70 species seen!

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