Continued good birding at the Bashakill and other nearby areas.

A male Cerulean Warbler sings along South Road in this rather dark shot from this morning.

This morning I headed to the Bashakill to find it quieter than yesterday, but still plenty of good birds around. Blue-winged Warblers were still numerous. Northern Waterthrush were down to just two for me. Most other species continued, but in lower numbers than yesterday. About mid-morning I got a call from Scott Baldinger that he had his FOS CERULEAN WARBLER near the Horseshoe Parking Area. I headed down to see if I could find it, but stopped just past the Nature Trail where I found another male Cerulean singing. I was able to get some poor shots of the bird before continuing on. At the Horseshoe Parking Area, I had not only the second Cerulean, but my FOS YELLOW-THROATED Vireo! In all, I had 12 species of Warbler at the Bash this morning. I then decided to head to Linear Park off McDonald Road. Birding was really pretty good here and I added two more FOS birds. VEERY and ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK among many expected species. On to Gumaer Falls Road. Here I found a mixed species flock of warblers that included two Pine, two Black-throated Green, one Black and White and one BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER! As I tried to get a photo of the warbler, a bird popped up right above it. I was surprised to find an early RED-EYED VIREO! A Blue-headed Vireo, my fifth of the morning was also present. Scott Baldinger, Bruce Nott and Jodi Brodski came along and got most of the birds at this spot. Great Birding!

After missing Veery at the Bashakill, I went on to Linear Park where I was surprised to have three of them.

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