Amazing Morning!

There were Blue-winged Warblers at every stop today!

As I had thought, the Bashakill was alive with birds. Arlene Borko and I were out with many other birders this morning sorting through the mass of birds that came in overnight. Warblers were the highlight with at least 16 species seen. Blue-winged Warbler (8) and Northern Waterthrush (9) were in some of the highest numbers I’ve seen in a single day. Yellow, Common Yellowthroat, Prairie, American Redstart and Black-throated Green were in very good numbers. Ovenbird, Black-throated Blue, Black and White, Pine, Louisiana Waterthrush, Palm, Yellow-rumped were in modest numbers, at least for me. I also heard that Nashville Warblers and Northern Parula were seen as well, but we missed them. Blue-headed Vireo and Warbling Vireo were in good numbers and I heard that one Yellow-throated Vireo was seen. A Lincoln’s Sparrow at the Deli Fields was an early and exciting find. Many other birds were seen today as well, hope you get out to enjoy some of them!

I found Black and White Warblers to be in modest numbers today.

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4 Responses to Amazing Morning!

  1. Kyle Dudgeon says:

    Good stuff!! Send some up to Oneonta for me!

  2. They should be on their way Kyle! Have fun!

  3. Kathleen Ashman says:

    It was an amazing morning…so many wonderful birds came in overnight! Sounds as though you had a very exciting day, John.

  4. It was great! Hope you had as good a day as we did!

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