Some decent movement before the storm

My first Green Heron off the boardwalk at the Nature Trail.

Things have again picked up over the last few days. Monday was the best day with six new FOS species found that day. It was a good night for passerine movement and I had a mixed species flock right in my yard when I went out that morning. FOS HOUSE WRENS (2) were singing loudly. A flock of warblers included Yellow-rumped, Pine and Black and White. At the Bashakill it was a lively morning. Mixed species flocks were in several spots. On Haven Road I found my FOS WARBLING VIREO. Another spot with good activity was the Nature Trail. My FOS GREEN HERON was there (thanks Joe for the heads up). On to the Horse Shoe Parking Lot. This mixed species flock contained my FOS AMERICAN REDSTART! Back to the Main Boat Launch I ran into Wilma Amthor. Together we had two firsts, YELLOW WARBLER and EASTERN KINGBIRD! After a long, but productive day, I went back out before dark. At the Deli Fields I had two American Woodcock. Pine Kill Road was my next stop. Here I had a single Whip-poor-will and two Barred Owls. A really great day!

A feisty little male American Redstart was in the Horseshoe Parking area.

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