As great as today’s birding was, it didn’t offer a lot of good photo ops as evidenced by this distant shot of the pair of Surf Scoters on Kiamesha Lake.

Last nights southwest winds with at times heavy rain had Bruce Nott, Scott Baldinger, Arlene Borko and I scrambling around the county this morning. An amazing number of migrants came in and put down with the storm. I started off at Yankee Lake with my FOS COMMON TERN! I heard from Bruce he had an amazing showing of swallows at the Bashakill. To make a long story short, all five swallows with CLIFF SWALLOW, BANK SWALLOW and PURPLE MARTIN (BN,SB) all seen there this morning. Also present were at least three GREATER YELLOWLEGS and one LESSER YELLOWLEGS! From there, we all headed up county, eventually joined by Arlene and had some great birds. Kiamesha Lake was the most productive. Three BONAPARTE’S GULLS, two SURF SCOTERS, one WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, three LONG-TAILED DUCK, Wood and Black Ducks and several Bufflehead. Quite a showing! From there, it was on to Morningside Park. Six more Long-tailed Ducks and our first Double-crested Cormorants of the day were there. On to the Neversink Reservoir. Twenty three Long-tailed Ducks, a Bufflehead, Common Mergansers and a raft of very dark ducks (black scoters?) too far to identify were seen. There were also Herring and Ring-billed Gulls here, the only spot we saw them today. On to Swan Lake. Four Long-tailed Duck, two Ruddy Duck, a Ring-necked Duck (only one of the day) and three more Bufflehead were seen. We all returned to the Bashakill, but I didn’t have anything new after that. I returned again late this afternoon and had a pair of AMERICAN BITTERN right off the Stop Sign Trail. Great birding!!!!

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2 Responses to Wow!!!

  1. Elly Knieriemen says:

    Hey John
    I think I have a close up of the white winged scoter today. Do you want to see it?

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