Things are picking up again.

One of a flock of about ten Yellow-rumped Warblers seen today.

Birding all around the Bashakill this morning it was evident that at least some migration had taken place overnight. For the first time in several days I had a decent showing of early warblers. Palm (3), Pine (2), Louisiana Waterthrush (1) and Yellow-rumped Warbler (10) combined with many Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Blue-headed Vireos (4) and lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets made for some interesting birding. Also a nice find were three Black Vultures feeding on a rabbit carcass along rt. 209 near the Deli Fields. They kept running into the road between traffic to feed, so I stopped and threw the rabbit into an open grassy area. They never even flushed, and then ran right to it when I backed off. It was also a two Owl day for me. An Eastern Screech in one of its usual spots and a Barred Owl calling uphill from the Stop Sign Trail. On the marsh, Virginia Rails and Common Gallinules were joined by my FOS AMERICAN BITTERN! A really great day that resulted in 61 species.

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