Trumpeter Swan …….its official!

Lots of response to my inquiry. All agree the bird is a Trumpeter Swan! For those of you who submitted ebird reports, please adjust them accordingly. BTW, the bird is an adult winter plumage bird. So great to see everyone out there for a great new county bird!

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8 Responses to Trumpeter Swan …….its official!

  1. Kathleen Ashman says:

    Congratulations, John, your depth of knowledge and hard work in achieving this ID has paid off well indeed!

  2. Thanks Kathy, your too kind!

  3. Karen VanDyk says:

    Thanks John for pointing out another lifer to me.

  4. Gordon Lam says:

    Once again you’re johnny on the spot! Congrats to you and Scott.

  5. Thanks Gordon, see you soon!

  6. Truth Muller says:

    Hey John, is the bird still there, and if yes, where? I’d really like to try and see it as I completley missed waterfowl migration this year (too many college visits!)

  7. Hi Truth, yes, the swan is still present! It is out from the Main Boat Launch, this morning in the area where the Osprey nest was. Good luck, hope you get to see it! best, John

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