Around the county and the Bashakill

I have pretty much fallen into a routine at this point. I check Yankee Lake to determine is anything has come in on the water. If it has, I go up county and check Kiamesha Lake, Morningside Park, Neversink Reservoir and Swan Lake. I will though in a few others if its raining. Today I found Common Loons, Common Goldeneye, Bufflehead and more on Yankee, so I headed up county. Kiamesha Lake had another Common Loon, two BONAPARTE’S GULLS and more Bufflehead and Wood Ducks. Morningside had few birds. Neversink Reservoir had my FOS GREATER SCAUP, six Common Loons, many Ring-billed Gulls and more Bufflehead. Swan Lake had a Mute Swan, Ruddy Ducks, more Loons, Double-crested Cormorants, Common Mergansers and more. Once I was done up-county, I headed to the Bashakill. It was extremely quiet by the time I arrived and I had no new birds there. I decided to go back out late in the afternoon, as this has been working well recently. It did so today as well. I ran into Steve Altman who informed me he had a large mixed species flock behind the DEC parking lot on Haven Road. I went in to find a large flock indeed! 9 Palm Warblers, 3 Pine Warblers, 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets, 12 Ruby-crowned Kinglets and my FOS BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER! From there I worked my way along Haven Road. I had a couple of Savannah Sparrows there and as I moved along, my FOS COMMON GALLINULE called from just out in the cattails from the road. It had slipped my mind that Scott Baldinger had told me he had heard a gallinule there this morning. I tried in vain to see the bird, though it called several more times. I then headed to the Stop Sign Trail. There I almost immediately had my FOS EASTERN TOWHEE! There were quite few singing Swamp Sparrows and a couple of Rusty Blackbirds there as well. I headed back to Haven Road where I ran into Linda Babula. Linda informed me that she had been lucky enough to have the gallinule swim out into the open and then come right up on the road edge, picking through the weeds. It had retreated to the cattails before I got back. Though I never spotted it, Karen Miller later came by and saw the Common Gallinule as well. Great Birding! (try as I might, no one was posing for photos today!)

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