A remarkable several days of birding in Sullivan County!

The Caspian Tern catches a fish just off Haven Road, ultimately swallowing it in flight!

The last several days have been a windfall for birders! Many early arrivals have occurred and all of us birding locally have had a great time. I really don’t know where to begin, but suffice it to say its been great. Yesterday, I had our FOS GREAT EGRETS fly through the Bashakill. Today was just amazing. I found two breeding plumage HORNED GREBE on Yankee Lake first thing this morning. I decided to head up county to check the water there when I got a call from Scott Baldinger that he had found a CASPIAN TERN at the Main Boat Launch at the Bashakill! I turned around and headed there fast! The bird had initially disappeared, and after nearly a half hour search, we were just calling it quits when I turned around and the bird flew in right behind us! Arlene Borko, Linda Scrima, Bruce Nott, Joe Cullen and I had great views and photo ops! Scott had left for an appointment, but returned later. THANKS SCOTT! Also at the Bash were nine more Horned Grebe. From the Bashakill, Arlene and I birded several of the lakes in the county. Many birds had come in, highlights of which were: DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT, AMERICAN PIPIT, RUDDY DUCK, LONG-TAILED DUCK and more! I later returned to the Bashakill where the Caspian Tern continued to the delight of many birders! Great morning!

The Caspian Tern flies by the bridge on Haven Road.

Several of the many Horned Grebe we saw today.

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6 Responses to A remarkable several days of birding in Sullivan County!

  1. Linda says:

    To say that I enjoyed birding today would be an understatement. I am so glad that birding and the weather are heating up. Thanks, John.

  2. So glad you had contacted me this morning and everything fell into place! I just love it when it goes that way. Glad you got a great bird! John

  3. Paul Bourdin says:

    I was wondering if you were planning any further kayak trips this spring? I’m particularly eager to find Least Bittern, a bird you’ve connected with in this manner before.

    • Paul,
      I will kayaking this spring, but it won’t be for some time yet. Usually May sometime. The catch is, I only find the Bitterns one in three trips, so there is no guarantee. You are welcome to join me sometime, and then try again on your own once you know where to look. John

      • Paul Bourdin says:

        That would be great! Please let me know when you’re planning to go and I’ll be there with my kayak!.

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