Great Day at the Bashakill

The female Red-breasted Merganser at the Pine Boat Launch.

Upon arriving at the Bashakill this morning it was immediately evident that there had been a turnover of birds last night. In fact, it was the most significant night of migration we’ve experienced this spring. I entered the parking area at the Pine Boat Launch, finding a female FOS RED-BREASTED MERGANSER feeding just off shore. There were many of the regular ducks present. As I walked out to the tower, I spotted two Hermit Thrush feeding in the pines. I had hoped for a Pine Warbler, but had no luck. Upon my return to the launch, I couldn’t find the merganser. I had notified a number of friends of the birds presence so I continued to look for it. I went out the Stop Sign Trail, where I had another FOS, RING-NECKED PHEASANT. From there I went to Haven Road. Here there were many ducks that we’ve been seeing regularly. From there, I headed to the Main Boat Launch and the Birch Trail. Once on the Birch Trail, I heard my second new species at the Bash, a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER drumming in a dead tree. Its Morse code style of tapping easily recognized. Out on the trail I found many Eastern Phoebes, which were abundant everywhere today. Once I was done there, I headed to the Deli Fields to try again for PINE WARBLER. I found perhaps as many as three of these birds! I then decided to head back to Haven Road, the hottest spot on the kill, to see if anything new had come in there. I found a flock of sparrows that included two FOS species. A gorgeous VESPER SPARROW and two SAVANNAH SPARROWS! I let many of my birding friends know about the birds and by afternoons end, eleven people had seen the sparrows on Haven Road!

Seen by a dozen birders this afternoon, this Vesper Sparrow was as cooperative as we have come to know this species to be. I think this is one of my best shots ever of this great sparrow.

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2 Responses to Great Day at the Bashakill

  1. Kathleen Ashman says:

    What great finds, John! Congratulations on another wonderful day at the Bash.

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