Snowy Day on the Bashakill

The Bashakill just after the snow stopped. Though we had five inches, the water was too warm for it to freeze over the surface.

The snow started to abate around 11 am, so I headed to the Bashakill to see if the storm had put anything new down. It was beautiful scene this morning. It was hard to tell if any new birds had actually come in, but some things were easier to see, while other not so much. The huge Ring-necked Duck flock continues, but were too distant to get any kind of a count. I wasn’t able to find the wigeon, gadwall or pintails, but they were in the area of the Ring-necks yesterday. Right off of Haven Road, a duo of PIED-BILLED GREBE were actively diving. One caught a fish, but I just missed getting a shot before it swallowed it. Three Bufflehead continue there as well. Wood Ducks were abundant! Every open patch of water had ten or twelve and one huge flock took off from in front of the Pine Boat Launch. Black Ducks are also abundant. I only saw two Green-winged Teal this morning. The snow made for one of those surreal, quiet times at the Bashakill that is just so peaceful! Great morning!

One of the Pied-billed Grebes on Haven Road.

Just a few of the many Wood Ducks at the Bashakill today.

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