Bashakill continues to please.

Red phase Eastern Screech-owl at the Bashakill.

Red phase Eastern Screech-owl at the Bashakill.

This morning I headed to the Bashakill a little earlier than usual for me. I was hoping to beat the rain storms that were heading our way. I covered many areas of the Bashakill and then finally got poured on coming in from the Birch Trail. Some birds were down in number today, while others continue to increase. Lots of sparrows again, highlighted by Song and Fox. Robins have begun to increase again as well with 20 of them seen on the Birch Trail in the company of 6 CEDAR WAXWINGS! These were the first have had in a while. Duck numbers really fluctuated. Both Common and Hooded Mergansers must have moved out. I had only 12 Hooded today, and no Commons at all. Also gone were the Green-winged Teal, at least I couldn’t find any. On the increase, there were now 6 Northern Pintail off Haven Road and an amazing 172 RING-NECKED DUCKS! The find of the day however was a red-phase EASTERN SCREECH-OWL! I have attached a highly cropped photo of the bird. If you go looking for this bird, please remember how sensitive owls are and keep your distance if you find it. I would like to see it stick around a while. All in all a pretty good day for what was predicted to be a washout!

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