Things are starting to happen

One of the Peregrine Falcons perched at the Hawk's Nest this morning.

One of the Peregrine Falcons perched at the Hawk’s Nest this morning.

I traveled around the county a bit today and parts of Orange County as well. Jim Carney had called me yesterday to inform me that a PEREGRINE FALCON was flying around the Hawk’s Nest on Rt. 97. After making a quick check of the Bashakill this morning, I headed over there. As I was pulling up I could see a Peregrine flying around the pull off. Once out of the car, I quickly found both birds. They were zooming all over and calling back and forth to each other in chirping calls. They put on quite a show as usual. This is the third year these birds have been present at the Hawk’s Nest. From there I worked my way back into Sullivan county. The most notable birds today were blackbirds. I had Red-winged Blackbirds in low numbers in several locations. Also seen were single Common Grackles at Dr. Duggan Road and then my feeders where I also had Red-wings. Gulls were also noted moving in a couple of spots and I had only my second Herring Gull this year at the Bashakill this morning among a group of Ring-billed Gulls. I forgot to mention that at the Hawk’s Nest I had Herring Gulls fly down the river and my FOS Killdeer as well. A nice “Gray Ghost” in the Beechwoods area was a surprise, they are not usually present in winter. A couple of Cooper’s Hawks and Red-tailed Hawks were seen, as well as several Bald Eagles. Not a bad day of birding, especially for raptors and blackbirds.

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