A Good Day

I worked my way through town this morning, trying to see if anything new had come in to feeders. The best bird I found was a Fish Crow along Sullivan St. Scott tells me there have been a couple, often near Stewart’s Shop as usual, but this was my first in a while. From there I headed to McDonald Road. Here I heard a Murder of crows mobbing something in a stand of pines. This almost never works out for me and it turns to be a Sharpie or a Red-tail. Today however, it was my FOS in the county BARRED OWL! I positioned myself to get a shot of the bird, but my camera said “charge battery”. This is the first time that has ever happened. I usually charge every couple of days and the battery has never died. Oh well! From there I headed to Linear Park. I had an assortment of birds, the best of which was a Red-winged Blackbird (only second time in county this year) and two RUSTY BLACKBIRDS! I then birded the Bashakill. Things were about the same there. Temps in the teens overnight kept it pretty frozen and only the regular five species of waterfowl were seen. On Haven Road, it got quite warm by now and I checked the ridge for raptors. I eventually had six TURKEY VULTURES! These were FOS in the county as well. As I checked out other birds including the continuing Swamp and Song Sparrows, a dozen HORNED LARK flew in. They only remained a moment before moving on, but they were my first since the first week of the year in the county. All in all, a pretty good birding morning. With more warmth predicted, we should get some more new arrivals soon.

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4 Responses to A Good Day

  1. kdudge says:

    Oh no! The cursed camera malfunction. Must’ve been great to see the bird though! That’s one I never see!

  2. I know you can feel that pain. You know Kyle, those Great Gray Owls are still there!

  3. kate hyden says:

    John: had two young red-wing blackbirds this morning under the feeder up here in Livingston Manor. I thought it was unusual at this point… sounds like you think so too!

  4. Kate, Red-wings are just starting to arrive. Glad you’ve got some up-county too! Before you know it, we’ll have lots of early spring migrants!

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