ABA Bird of the Year and our own follow up!

The Ruddy Turnstone from Morningside Park in 2013.

The Ruddy Turnstone from Morningside Park in 2013.

I thought this might be of interest on a snow bound day. Each year, the American Birding Association designates a national “Bird of the Year”. This year, the designee is the “RUDDY TURNSTONE”. I think its safe to say we are all familiar with this beautiful shorebird. It is currently depicted on the annual seal of the organization and an article about the species is present in the current ABA publication “Birding”. In keeping with this theme, I thought you might enjoy an update on our own special guest in Sullivan County in 2013. On July 28, 2013 I found the first and only record of a Ruddy Turnstone in Sullivan County. This bird was banded with a Lime green flag engraved in black with the number 0AH. I reported the bird to the national banding registry. The bird was originally banded on 5/22/11 on Kimble Beach in New Jersey. It was an adult male at least one year of age. The bird was not reported in 2012. I found it in 2013. It was then reported several times at Mispillion Harbor in Delaware in May of 2014. The bird was not reported in 2015. Then in May of 2016 the bird turned up at another birding hot spot, Pickering Beach in Delaware. The bird was reported by five birders in the course of two days, 5/17 and 5/18/16. This bird is now at least six years of age and still doing great. Hopefully, it will continue its regular migration between North and South America and be reported again this year at one of its east coast stop overs!

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