Around the county

A distant shot of the Long-tailed Duck!

A distant shot of the Long-tailed Duck!

This morning I made a run around the western side of the county. I mainly hit Bethel, Delaware and Liberty townships. I started on Dr. Duggan road to check out the feeders there. I had my FOS BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS there, about twenty of them. It was a short lived viewing of what was around, as a Cooper’s Hawk flew in and chased everything away. It then came back and stood guard to make sure I didn’t get to see anything else. Moving further up county, I had many Turkeys, Red-tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles. On Radio Tower Road I almost certainly had a Golden Eagle. I had several looks at the bird, and can see no reason it wasn’t a Golden, but it was so dark (complete black cloud cover) and misty at the time that I never could see a gold nape. I’m just going to let this one pass. I was searching for the American Kestrel and Rough-legged Hawk that I had the other day, but found neither. I got a text from Scott Baldinger that he had a nice assortment of waterfowl at the Rondout Reservoir. Indeed he did! A LONG-TAILED and RING-NECKED DUCK were both FOS for me! I also added a COMMON RAVEN. I missed the Gadwall, but I’m sure it will be back as it has been a couple of times recently. Also present were Mallards, Black Ducks, Common and Hooded Mergansers and Common Goldeneye! Thanks Scott for the heads up! When I left there, I decided to head to Woodbourne to see if I could find the AMERICAN KESTREL that has been there recently. Found it immediately! Great day!
The American Kestrel at Woodbourne.

The American Kestrel at Woodbourne.

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