The last several snowy cold days.

A lone Snow Bunting on Hunter Road.

A lone Snow Bunting on Hunter Road.

With the sizeable snow storm Friday into Saturday followed by a deep freeze (1 degree at my house), birds have done quite a shift in the county this week. Still present on the Neversink River at Bridgeville Sunday were over 200 waterfowl. By yesterday, it was completely frozen over and they were gone. The same held true for most other locations in the county. With little remaining open water, the Bashakill is currently hosting a few Mallards, Blacks and Canada Geese. The Rondout Reservoir is still open near the spillway and has a few good birds. Common and Hooded Mergansers, Mallards, Blacks and Canadas, are joined by 5 Common Goldeneye, 2 Ring-necked Ducks and 1 Ruddy Duck. Gull numbers have dropped from many hundreds to less than a hundred county wide. With little open water, they will be departing soon. The Rio Reservoir is still open only on Plank Road. Mongaup was completely frozen yesterday. Rio has the usual 5 species and 1 LESSER SCAUP. A good bird for this time of year. On the ground, a few wintering field birds continue. A Snow Bunting and Horned Lark were in the town of Neversink and Scott Baldinger had a dozen or so American Pipits at the Bashakill. Pine Siskins continue throughout the county but can be tough. Currently Forestburgh area seems to be a good spot as well as Neversink and the Bashakill. There have been two Catbirds on Haven Road near the Orchard, but I haven’t seen the Common Yellowthroat in nearly a week, perhaps its moved on. Though temps are supposed to moderate starting today, with night time temps in the low twenties, the ice is going no where. Tough birding right now.
Nine Pine Siskins gritting in a ditch on South Maplewoods Road.

Nine Pine Siskins gritting in a ditch on South Maplewoods Road.

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