Pine Lake Preserve

A Brown-headed Nuthatch preens high in a Pine at Pine Lake Preserve.

A Brown-headed Nuthatch preens high in a Pine at Pine Lake Preserve.

Today was my last full day to bird in Florida this fall so I had to choose where to go for a wrap up. I decided not to go far, resting up a bit for the journey home. Pine Lake Preserve is a great place to see a nice assortment of birds and there were still a couple of species being seen there I had not yet connected with in Lee County (my home away from home). For the last year, I’ve been focusing more on birding Lee County since I have been coming here since 1975 and I have spent a great deal of time birding other areas while here. I have really beefed up my county list since last November and hoped I might get another bird or two before I leave. It wasn’t as active here this morning as it was last week, but it was still a good morning. I had the usual species of warblers, the ubiquitous Catbirds and House Wrens, a few waders and raptors. Then I hit pay-dirt. I heard a familiar call from through the pine woods and began to track it down. I eventually realized there were two birds calling back and forth to each other. Finally in the top of a pine I found a BROWN-HEADED NUTHATCH! Another continued to call and eventually they met up briefly, preened a moment then the second bird flew on. This was my 187th county bird for Lee. It has only taken 41 years to get that far, but I might hit the 200 mark yet. BTW, the Saltmarsh Sparrow the other day was my 289th Florida bird! I might just make 300 for the state yet! See you all back in the frigid north!
The Brown-headed Nuthatch.

The Brown-headed Nuthatch.

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2 Responses to Pine Lake Preserve

  1. Gordon & Lori says:

    Have a safe trip back John. Looks like you had some great birding in FL. Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon.

  2. Thanks Gordon and Lori, hope you had a great holiday too!

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